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Multi plastic bags & printing is SOUTH AFRICAN based.

A plastic MANUFACTURING Company specializing in LDPE(Low Density polyethylene) film extrusion based products.

Our high quality extruders, printers, bottom seal bagger and side seal bagging machine’s as well as high speed slitting machine enables us not only to ADD VALUE to the high capacity industries but also enables us to be dynamic enough to adapt and change our production process to accommodate the medium and lower consumption customers.

Although we place a lot of emphasis on our, Barrier and promotional Tape we also have capacity to manufacture in access of 30 tons of other products per month such as Freezer Bags, Carrier Bags, Coffin Liner as well as other packaging materials.

Freezer Bags, Carrier Bags, Coffin Liner as well as other packaging materials. As part of our commitment to satisfy to need of all our customers, We have also invested in various Flexographic plate-making machine’s, not only to meet the time constraints associated with artwork and printing as well as plate manufacturing, But also to offer the facility to the industry at an attractive cost reduction basis, our skilled staff is capable to assist with the design and final approved of all artwork and logo’s scheduled for the flexographic printing Department..

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Barrier Netting
Tubing On Roll
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Trench Tapes


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